Indir Topcagic originates Bosnia and Herzegovina but is today located in Stockholm, Sweden. He has just finished his studies in interactive design this year and now works as an grahpic designer for the designagency Werk.

No expensive or formal training is the source of Indir’s creativity. He relies on instinct, environment and past experience to substitute as his educator. Spanish artist Joan Miro and Ukrainian artist Jan Martin (Yan Martsinkievitch) are major inspirations to Indir as well. Aside from other artists, Indir draws inspiration directly from his environment. “It comes from all around me, sometimes in music.”

In order to keep himself occupied and included in the world of art Indir incorporates himself and his ideas in art based organizations and works with other artists on various projects, one of which is called D.A.G.S. “We are a group of artist who work together and try to help and effect upcoming generations in the artworld in different ways, and to motivate them in creativity”.

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